Annotate same text with different label

If I've annotated a given piece of text with a given label, e.g. PERSON, how to I go back and annotate the same text with a new label, e.g. ORGANISATION? It's quicker (for me) to annotate one label, then go back and go through with a second label.

Yes, that's definitely a good strategy! You can always load back an existing dataset as the input source using the dataset: prefix, use your next label and save the results to a new dataset containing both labels.

For example, your first step would be:

prodigy ner.manual data_person your_examples.jsonl --label PERSON

And in the next step, you'd do:

prodigy ner.manual data_person_org dataset:data_person --label ORG

If you ever make a mistake or want to try out different combinations of labels, you can always go back and re-use your original dataset.

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