Adjusting bounding box's thickness in a previously annotated image

So I have a set of photos with bounding boxes already drawn on them. the set is saved as photos on one file and another JSON file with the coordinates of the bounding boxes.

I am running a python recipe with {view_id: choice} to determine how well the bounding boxes are made and what object is contained in the box. The Problem I am running into is that the thickness of the bounding boxes is sometimes blocking the object itself.

To solve this I am trying to do the following: in the return config segment, I am going for "image_manual_stroke_width":2 (instead of the default 4) as shown in the [Available config settings] in the [image_manual] section but with no luck.

I was thinking I could do a {view_id: blocks} and somehow reintegrate the bounding box process adjusting its thickness.

thanks in advance for any input!

Hi! Sorry for only getting to this now – is the block you're using at the top an image_manual block or just a regular image block? The image_manual_stroke_width setting is currently only used in the image_manual block so one quick workaround would be to make the block image_manual and just not edit it.

Another option if you want to use the static image UI would be to add a CSS override for the stroke-width of path elements, since the static UI uses SVG. You can set this in the "global_css" in your config or in the config returned by your recipe.