Adding sub-labels to an existing labels applied to existing annotation dataset

I started annotating simple with just two exclusive categories using textcat manual. The data from comments from a large group of customer comments on setting up their newly setup printers. The labels were good-setup and bad-setup. Now that I've done 500+ and ran textcat train to get some fairly good results I'd like to sub-categorize within the labels for specific aspects of the bad setup or good setup experience - essentially creating aspects that were bad or good. thanks in advance - i'll continue to search here for similar topics - appreciate the feedback.

hi @phgoddard!

Have you seen this post?

You may have seen it, but we have a similar write-up of how to nest labels in our documentation.

Also, if you have a lot of sub-label names (e.g., 10-20), you may find the text_input and its field_suggestions to be helpful instead of listing out all sub-labels in the choice interface. Adding field_suggestions can allow you to have a box with auto-suggest and auto-complete to fill in answers. However, it's worth noting that providing too many labels, may have its limits too.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Ryan! Much appreciated - will explore :slight_smile: