Best way to customize choice interface to manage 200 labels

I need to manage 200 labels, on multi-answer method.
How can convert the 2 columns choice into something like this
Basic usage | Select2 - The jQuery replacement for select boxes ?

I saw the text_input interface, but it doesn't let multiple answers


Hi! You coud probably implement something similar using a HTML block with some JavaScript – however, if you really have that many labels, we typically recommend breaking up the task into a multi-step process, especially if your labels are hierarchical. Start off with the top level, and then have a separate step that drills down into the more fine-grained categories, given the top label that was selected.

Asking the annotator to select from a dropdown of 200 labels for every single annotation can easily slow down your process by a lot, and it'll make it much more difficult to get consistent data. It's very easy to forget a label, or spend a lot of time thinking about some fine-grained decision that doesn't even matter very much. The top-level categories are usually the ones that are most important – if you get those right, the fine-grained decisions will become much easier. If you get them wrong, the fine-grained decisions are often wasted.

I've explained a bit more about it in this thread: