400 Client Error when trying to install prodigy using poetry

I'm trying to install prodigy using poetry but I get the following error (omitted everything after ? with ...)

400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/data.prodi.gy/dist/prodigy-1.11.7-cp310-cp310-linux_aarch64.whl?...

I'm also puzzled why it says cp310 since I'm running python 3.9.9 but maybe that's not related.

To reproduce

Init a poetry project with poetry init and add the following to pyproject.toml

name = "prodigy"
url = "https://[LICENCE_KEY]@download.prodi.gy/index"

Then try to install prodigy by running poetry add prodigy.

Further context

If I run poetry run pip install -r requirements.txt with --extra-index-url set then it works just fine. A very notable difference in the url's requested is


versus the above.

Ah, it looks like you're unfortunately running into this known poetry issue with HTTP Basic Auth credentials in URLs (which is still open):

In the meantime, you could pre-download the wheels and use Poetry to install from a path: Installing from wheels. · Issue #76 · python-poetry/poetry · GitHub

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I guess I could yes but then it wouldn't be platform agnostic, right? I need to support ubuntu, mac, mac m1 unfortunately.

I'm not super familiar with poetry but does it have something equivalent to pip's -f option that you can point to a local directory of files and that will automatically pick the best-matching wheel for the given platform? https://prodi.gy/docs/install#wheel

Another option would be to run a mini local PyPi index that serves the wheels – but that's of course a bit more involved.

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