zsh: illegal hardware instruction python -m prodigy stats

Hi I just purchased prodi.gy and am getting this error.
when I run this
python -m prodigy stats or python3 -m prodigy stats

I get this error
zsh: illegal hardware instruction python -m prodigy stats

when I run any command, i get the above error. commands such as this
prodigy image.manual unique1 ./Users/dai/Unique --label FACE

has anyone come across this issue? I just purchased and hope to be able to get it running on my M1 Mac. When it says illegal hardware, I wonder if it because of the mac version?

Hi @c00lcoder !

Thanks for your question.

Yes - this is likely due to a conflict between native (arm64) and emulation (x86_64) architecture versions.

In a clean environment, can you prefix your python -m pip install command with arch -arm64?

Alternatively, you can run the arch command and can switch back and forth between arm64 (Mac) and x86_64 (Intel), see this blog post for more details.

Let us know if you're still having issues.

I ended up installing on a linux VM for now. I'll try on MAC again later and provide an update

Thank you Ryan. I was able to switch from arm64 to x86_64 and get it to work.