Yes/no annotations with textcat.manual

Hello all,
I am new to Prodigy, and I am trying to work out how to classify a text as yes/no according to two categories, e.g. is the text funny? is the text about computers? Is this possible? Thank you for your help. I am using textcat.manual.

Hi Joao,

You have to use textcat with one label for this case.

for example,
I am using the following text as sample input,

textcat manual with one label-

Here "FUNNY_OR_NOT" will be you annotated dataset and "IS_FUNNY" is the only label.

It will initiate the tool and you can annotate the text as accept/reject or ignore.

and, your result will look like this,


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Thank you. What if, for your example, you also wish to classify, in addition, say 'Is this comment about cats?'. Thank you for your help.

checkout following link for multi-label categorization,