Which hyperparameters are recommended for tuning on a custom SpaCy NER model?

Hi everyone,

I want to perform a hyperparameter tuning of a custom spaCy NER model. I understand that the hyperparameters and their values are specified in the config.cfg file.

I have reviewed this documentation on hyperparameters in spaCy:

  1. FAQ: Guide to understanding hyperparameters in spaCy
  2. Fine tuning Vs. Training Spacy NER
  3. Hyperparameter tuning of custom components

I read in 1) that " “If you want to do hyperparameter tuning in spaCy, keep in mind that the right parameters to tune are always directly linked to the kind of data you're working with. ”" :grin:

However, I have not found any documentation on which hyperparameters are critical and worthwhile for tuning a NER model. Any recommendations?


Thank you very much.

Hi there.

This feels like it's more a spaCy-related question, which means it's probably better to ask this question on our spaCy discussions forum. The maintainers of spaCy keep an eye on that board and they'll be able to give a better answer.

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Thank you for the suggestion.