Where is the annotation saved when prodigy.json is empty?

I am using this command:

python -m prodigy textcat.manual mykeyword myjsonfile.jsonl" --label labl1,label2,label3

The following file is empty:


But after the annotation was completed, I clicked in the Save button in the prodigy browser UI.

I also typed:

prodigy stats -l

which gives me this:

============================== :sparkles: Prodigy Stats ==============================

Version 1.11.7
Location /home/myuser/anaconda3/.../site-packages/prodigy
Prodigy Home /home/myuser/.prodigy
Platform Linux-5.10...
Python Version 3.10.4
Database Name SQLite
Database Id sqlite
Total Datasets 1
Total Sessions 2

================================ :sparkles: Datasets ================================


In the results showed by the command prodigy stats -l, I don't see the keyword I used to call prodigy and do the annotation. In my example, I would be searching for mykeyword.

Where were the annotations saved?

hi @merleyc!

Thanks for your question and welcome to the forum!

When Prodigy is set up, it should be default the create home directory and an empty config JSON file if they're missing. It shouldn't be a problem to have an empty prodigy.json - it'll just use the default config settings.

../.prodigy is a folder, not a file. Do you mean the folder is empty?

By default, the annotations should be saved in a file in that folder named prodigy.db. Are you able to find that file?

Here's documentation on how to customize where your annotations are saved in your prodigy.json file. If you're having issues, could you manually try to put this into your prodigy.json file, pointing to your existing /home/myuser/.prodigy folder?

Let me know if this answers your question or if you have any further questions!