"versions -> 0 -> answer value is not a valid list" after `db-in`


I'm getting started with Prodigy, congrats on building a great tool!

I've been trying to import external annotations into prodigy using the db-in command. I ran it on a custom-built .jsonl with text, meta, and spans attributes and it seemed to work fine.

prodigy db-in my_set3 /path/to/file.jsonl

To make sure that the import was successful, I thought I'd run review and see if my annotations appear in the UI:

prodigy review review_set my_set3 --label "MY_DATE" -v ner_manual

However, I get the following validation error:

✘ Invalid task format for view ID 'review'
versions -> 0 -> answer value is not a valid list

The answer key is indeed not a list but a string ('accept', as described in the db-in documentation).

Could you help me find what I'm doing wrong?


Sorry about this – that's definitely a strange validation error. It also looks like it's referring to the internals created by the recipe and not your converted data, which should be fine.

The easiest workaround for now: set "validate": False in your prodigy.json to skip validation. We'll fix the underlying problem for the next release :slightly_smiling_face:

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Adding "validate": false to prodigy.json did the trick!

Thanks :wink:

Just released v1.9.4, which should fix the issue. So you can now re-enable validation :slightly_smiling_face: