Using the prodigy annotator for images Ymin and Xmin are greater then Ymax and Xmax

For a bounded box, my understanding is you cant have xmin greater then xmax and it breaks some image routines I have when passing in bounding box coordinates. Can someone tell why prodigy would have a xmin or ymin greater then its corresponding max which I see in the prodigy db for a few of my annotations.

Hi, I hope I understand your question correctly! The "points" of a given bounding box is a list of [x, y] coordinates of the points, in order, describing the shape that you added. So if you're adding a shape starting at the bottom right, the first point's coodinates will be greater than the third point's. Prodigy won't just go and reorder them – but if that's something you need, you could always write a little function that checks which side is the minimum/maximum and swaps them if necessary.

yes, I wrote that, I was curious why we were getting xmin > xmax now I understand thanks

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Small update: the new manual image UI coming in v1.10 will now also expose the x, y, width, height and center of the bounding boxes, in addition to its (sorted) points. Details:

Just released Prodigy v1.10, which exposes more bounding box information in the JSON format, including the x, y, width, height and center of bounding boxes.