Turn off scrolling to the top on Accept

When working with long documents, sometimes you need to scroll down to see the text. Currently clicking Accept scrolls you all the way to the top. Is it possible to turn off this unless the text (or other similar field) changes?

Hi! Do you mean "accept" as in, the "accept" button? And what type of content are you annotating, are you annotating the same text multiple times with different labels?

(This is an interesting edge case because I'd say that in 99% of the cases, not scolling to the top would be unintended behaviour.)

Yes, I meant the "accept" button and yes, labelling the same (long) text for multiple sets of labels.

Ah, okay. Is using multiple choice options a solution? If you're working with long texts and there's no way to use shorter fragments, going through the same examples multiple times does seem a bit inefficient.

I'll still look at what it would take to expose the scrolling as an option, although I probably think it'll be used very rarely.

It'd be great if that's exposed, thank you.