Transfer Learning for French NER

I'm working on a school project,(it's my first NLP project ) and I managed to annotate some documents with specific labels then using them to run a blank french spaCy model, then correcting the predictions to get more labeled training documents, now I wonder does using a blank model considerate as a kind of transfer learning, or should I use the french spacy transformer or a pre-trained model to perform transfer learning. in the second case can I use the data that I already created ( with the customized labels) in the training?
Thank you in advance

Hi! I answered your transfer learning question in the other thread :slightly_smiling_face: I hope this explains some of the terminology and what transfer learning usually refers to:

The idea is that you can often get better results by initialising your model with better representations that encode some knowledge about the language and the world – for example, language model weights that were trained by predicting the next word. For example, one way to do this is by initialising the model with transformer embeddings and using those for the token-to-vector embedding. Your tokens end up with "better" and more representative vectors this way, and when those are used as features in the component models (e.g. NER), you often see better results. What's "pretrained" here is the token-to-vector embedding layer – not the actual task-specific component like NER.

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