Trailing data in json


Im getting trailing data with this dataset, is there something wrong with the way it is set out? It is a json file, i used --loader json and still get same error

Hi there.

In the future, could you share the actual text instead of a screenshot. A screenshot is very hard to copy/paste/search.

Just to check, are you sure your dataset is written according to JSON-specficiations? In that case, I would expect opening/closing brackets. Something like:

    {"text": "this is an example"}

Is this maybe the issue? If not, could you share your error message?

Personally, I find these brackets somewhat annoying to deal with, which is why in general I recommend using JSONL. Note that each newline must be JSON compatible. Something like:

{"text": "this is example 1"}
{"text": "this is example 2"}