Total annotated queries keep getting reset to 0

Hello team, we're using a custom recipe but a default progress bar. Although the progress can be infinite as I understand the progress is calculated by the loss. But my concern here is the total annotated queries keep getting reset to 0. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Hi! What exactly do you mean by reset? Do you see 0 for the total annotations when you restart the server with the same dataset? And if so, did you double-check that the annotations you created were saved to the database (e.g. by clicking the save button) before you exit the app?

Yes, I just see 0 for total annotations. When I hit the save button the total seems to be saved momentarily, but when revisiting the prodigy url again after a while, I see 0 for total annotations. While I see tags for the data, just the total annotations become 0, rest everything such as trained model version, labelled queries are all saved!

Yes, they are saved!

Could you share your recipe and maybe include a bit more about your workflow? The "total annotated" count shown in the sidebar is typically pulled directly from the database, so if the annotations are saved, the count for the dataset you're annotated should reflect that.