"Too many open files" and other error in JupyterLab

Hi Team

I am not able to save my model, my file. I tried restarting my system and I have closed all my files. but still getting the same error.

Please suggest me how to solve this error. Please respond at the earliest


Hi! It doesn't look like this is a problem with Prodigy itself – it looks more like an issue with your JupyterLab environment? For every file you want to save, your system raises an error. This happens on your system, not with Prodigy.

If you google this error + JupyterLab, you'll find lots of threads about it, like this one:

Apparently, upgrading notebook helps (see the last comment)?

The error you see when starting the Prodigy server means that you're already running something else on port 8080. So you can either use a different port, or try to kill whatever you're running on 8080. You might also want to check out the JupyterLab extension for Prodigy that can help you manage the server: https://github.com/explosion/jupyterlab-prodigy

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: