textcat.teach seems to be asking questions that are already in the dataset

I have noticed that quite often textcat.teach is re-asking questions about text that has already been annotated.

Why does it do this? Is it because my model is bad at those examples, and it is trying to reinforce the category by creating more of them?

Hi Ivan!

There are a few things that might be happening here. It's possible that textcat.teach queues up questions about the same text, but with different labels. This is especially likely if your model is produces uncertain scores for those examples. It's also possible that your text example has a very small change, which causes our hashing function to consider them different.

Do you perhaps have some examples that you can share?

Thankyou Koaning! I will create some examples of this. I am reasonably sure the examples were not slightly different, but it could definitely be because the model was doing poorly on those examples.