textcat.teach clarification

I am trying to reconcile the textcat.teach documentation, here, and the source. The documentation block in black, above the argument list, shows the --unsegmented flag, but the source and the formal argument list doesn't seem to use it. Does textcat.teach auto segment? Or, is this a vestigial argument that is no longer relevant. Trying to think about what the right way to do sentence segmentation is for my classification task. Pre-processing, or is there something in the recipe I can take advantage of.

First time posting. Love, love, love prodigy - thank you to the team working on this!

Hi and thanks! :blush:

Also thanks for the heads-up, it looks like this changed and we forgot to update this in the docs example! (It was removed from the arguments table but not from the command overview). The textcat.teach doesn't do segmentation. If you want to segment your text before annotating and classifying it, you can do this in a pre-process.

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