textcat.manual seems to be exclusive by default

Hi There,

I am trying to annotate data for multi-label text classification. Therefore, each document can have 1 or more labels. When using the textcat.manual recipe the annotation interface shows me only exclusive labels. I have tried few things:

  1. test it on the news headline example
  2. use jsonl instead of csv for data format
  3. updated prodigy to v1.9.9

I am running on Mac with juputer python v3.6. The code line I used:

> !prodigy textcat.manual news headlines.jsonl --label Tech,Biz,Sport,Politics

All that without luck. I have attached a photo of the interface

Your feedback would be appreciated.

Hi! Do you have a prodigy.json in your home directory or current working directory? And if so, check that you're not overriding the "choice_style" setting here and setting it to "single" for all recipes. (The global and local config let you override settings and defaults defined in the recipe, so it's possible that this is what's happening here.)

Hi ines,

Thanks for your response.

For some reason I had two copied of prodigy.json one at home directory and the other one at the working directory. I deleted the one in the working directory and the problem is gone. Now I am able to label the data using 1 or more labels at once.

Thank you.

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