text labeling (ner.manual) session hangs at the 3rd or 4th document

I'm trying to label 15 individual documents. I have converted each doc into a jsonl, and combined all 15 into one jsonl. When I run the ner.manual cmd to start labeling, my prodigy session will always hang after 3 or 4 docs ( After clicking 'accept', it will hang. My only option is to reload the page, and it will lose the previous labelled docs). Please note each of 15 individual jsonl are relatively large (20-100 kb), the combined jsonl is 600kb. Not sure if there's a size limit on the individual doc? I have not run into this problem when labeling hundreds of docs before when each of the doc is relatively small.

Hi! This is definitely strange, especially that it hangs on the accept action :thinking: Are there any errors you're seeing in the browser console or on the back-end (in the terminal)? Or an error that shows up in the UI, which would indicate that the request back to the server failed?

The JSONL file size shouldn't matter because JSONL can be read in line by line. How large are the individual documents that you're annotating, i.e. what's shown on the screen at any given time?