Tag multiple occurrences of the same text in one shot

I have been using dataturks in the past and they had a feature where you could for example from the following text, select Mihai Vinaga, highlight it as a person and it would tag both occurrences of as a person

Mihai Vinaga is VP of Engineering....Mihai Vinaga also worked as a Software Developer.

Does such a feature exist inside of spacy?

Hi! Do you mean Prodigy or spaCy? Prodigy currently doesn't have a feature like this in the UI. If you have terminology lists with examples of the entities you're looking for, you can provide patterns to pre-select those entities. But if it just comes up at runtime, you'd have to do two quick swipes to select both spans.

I was referring to prodigy, thanks Ines. I think that it's a feature you guys should take into account even thou it has it's downsides

Yeah, I'm not 100% sure if the small convenience for some use cases outweighs the downsides. It'd make the UI more complicated and introduce multi-step interactions (which we try to avoid to reduce friction between the UI and annotator). The most interesting and relevant named entities are those that are context-dependent and where the same string can be an entity in some contexts and not in others (e.g. apple the fruit vs. apple the company).