Stuck "Loading..." After Restarting Annotation server

I'm stuck on "Loading..." on the web interface when I just restarted my annotation server. The CLI interface shows a loading bar that doesn't move.

To be more specific, I'm using a model to pre-annotate tasks as shown in the documentation. It's been working fine earlier today.

I've tried creating a new dataset using the same recipe and it works fine.

Something seems to be corrupted and preventing me from continuing work on my dataset.

Glad it's working now!

Are you using any third-party libraries in your custom recipe, e.g. to preprocess your stream? There's nothing in Prodigy that would show a loading bar like this on the terminal, so it looks like something in your stream might be trying to donwload or do something in the background here, and that gets stuck?

Hi @ines you can go ahead and close this. I don't really understand why this behavior occurred but it works fine again now.

I wasn't using any third party libraries. But after restarting work on the same dataset again later I was able to continue.