Starting the web Browser at localhost but it should be started on address where my Jupyter is running

I am using EC2 instance and my Jupyter notebook is hosted at one of the address - http://10.XX.YY.75 . When I am running the command to launch Prodigy, it is showing Starting the web server at http://localhost:8080 and when I am clicking at the link it is not opening. I want Prodigy to be launch at http://10.XX.YY.75:8080 on running the launch command ?

Am I doing/expecting something wrong ?

Hi @ines ,
Request you to please provide steps to resolve the above issue. Am I overlooking or doing something wrong ?

I found the solution. It can be by simply changing the environment variable - export PRODIGY_HOST="XX.YY.ZZ.PP". Found from this Starting Prodigy server on a remote machine ('--no-browser --port=XXXX)

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Happy to hear you found the solution, thanks for reporting back!

Fantastic! Many thanks for your solution.