Starting new Session does not work


I am testing Prodigy for a multidisciplinary university research project. Unfortunatly, we have had many problems in running your solution properly over all machines.

I am now facing a new issue regarding the creation of a new annotation project. We installed prodigy through Anaconda in a new environment and use Jupyter labs for starting annotation sessions.

I wanted to open a new session with following command:

When opening localhost, prodigy shows me an older project and does not take the new parameters into account.

I have searched in your documentation and in the forum. I couldn't find any possible guidance here. Restarting kernels and environment does not seem to work.

I would appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

hi @jonnyfoka!

Thanks for testing out Prodigy. I'm sorry you're having issues. Hopefully we can find some resolution.

Unfortunately there could be many possible issues.

  • What is your intended goal with multiple instances? Are you trying to have multiple users annotate the same data/task simultaneously? If so, are you aware of multi-user sessions? This is typically recommended if you have multi-users annotate the same data/task.

  • What is your strategy on setting ports? Have you only used the default or have you modified ports?

  • Do you have the same issues if you run commands through a terminal (instead of Jupyter)?

From this post, it seems like you may be trying to run multiple instances on the same port. This could explain why you're seeing a different instance.

Related, here's another relevant post.

This first one suggests a few options that has worked for others:

  • Trying a different port
  • Reinstalling the murmurhash package
  • Issues with how Jupyter / JupyterLab is handling the server. See link below for help.

Let me know if this helps or if you're able to figure out any further issues.