Specify database to use with db-out?

I have a colleague who is doing annotation with dataset name-X on their machine. I am using dataset name-X on my machine, but I also have dataset name-Y and name-Z.

I would like to pull out their annotations to do some work in jq to get them into my preferred format. How do I point

prodigy db-out name-X [some-db-filepath-here?] > output-of-X.json

to the DB I received from my colleague?

Do I need to save it into my .prodigy/ folder, temporarily rename my own ./prodigy/prodigy.db to something different, swap in my colleague's .db, and then run the db-out command from there?

Hi! You can configure the database to use in your prodigy.json (see here) and Prodigy supports both a global config, as well as a local config in the current working directory. So the easiest solution would be to put a prodigy.json in the directory you're using to work on your colleague's stuff and point the DB file to the prodigy.db you received from them.

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That worked a charm! Thanks, @ines!

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