Source file input format

I want to use my own source file for the ner.teach recipe
the command i entered is as follows

prodigy ner.teach [dataset] [spacy_model] [source] [--loader] [--label] [--patterns]

However im getting the following error:
ValueError: Encountered invalid task (type <class 'str'>). Expected: dict.

The source file is a json file and is in the following format:
[text1, text2.....textn]
What should be the format of my source file in order to fix this error?

Hi! Prodigy expects a JSONL file with one dictionary per line that has at least one key "text". For example:

{"text": "text1"}
{"text": "text2"}

You can also find detailed documentation of the different supported input formats and examples in the "Input formats" section of your PRODIGY_README.html.

Yes it worked. Thank you!