Simple image classification with tensorflow cats and dogs

I found some videos of computer vision and image captioning, but I'm missing a simple cat, dog image classification example

So I can load an image dataset, tag the photos and use the exported database in Tensorflow

Do you have an example of how to load exported models to TensorFlow?


Hi! Prodigy doesn't include or require any specific model implementations for computer vision, so how you train your model depends on the implementation you choose. If you google something like "TensorFlow animal classification", you'll find various different examples. You'll just need to plug in your own data created with Prodigy.

Typically, for classification, all you need is the images, and the label(s) that apply to a given image. Here's an example of a simple image classification annotation workflow and the resulting data: To export your annotations, you can run db-out. This will give you an example containing the image or image URL, as well as all categories you selected as the key "accept" (e.g. "accept": ["DOG"]). You can then use that to train your model.