Show hover tooltip in pos.correct annotation interface to show the result of spacy.explain(<label>)

spaCy has this great function that let's me get a description for a POS tag:

'Nationalities or religious or political groups'

when I am in the POS annotation interface and hover over a POS label, it would be great if I saw a tooltip containing the result of spacy.explain(<label>). This will help my annotators, many of whom do not know spaCy's POS tags and their definitions.

Perhaps I can figure out a way to achieve this myself, but it seems like such a good idea that perhaps it should be available out-of-the-box.

I can see how such a tooltip could be automatically generated via the spacy.explain method, but this would not hold for span annotation in general. I'm also wondering if popups are the way to go here. Especially when there's tons of labels, this can make the annotation interface less calm.

Would it suffice in this case to generate a proper instructions file instead? You can find more information about this on our docs, but this Youtube video might also help: