Setting up multiple annotation tasks for each item

hi @phuoviala!

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Prodigy community :wave:

Unfortunately, there's not a built-in way without custom HTML.

That's an interesting use case. I'm curious, could you describe a bit more?

What's the logic of which questions each example will get? Is it fixed like based on rules of the input text or metadata? Also are the questions predefined or can they change over time?

We have dabbled with other conditional logic in the past with jinja templates for conditional logic:

But this will still require html/javascript and may not do much to help.

Is there any way you could break up your task into three separate tasks? I know the hesitancy to do everything in one task, but we've found a lot of complex decisions that hit dead ends like this can be improved by breaking down the tasks. No worries if that's not an option, but we'd be happy to brain storm more if you're curious!