Setting PRETRAIN() function in cli

Good morning,
I would like to understand how to correctly set the pretrain function offered by spacy v3.

I am using spacy on Google Colab, saving the various folders with the models on google drive (from which I extract the paths). I would like to retrain some costum models on new prepared datasaets, starting from the one already pre-trained in order to have an improvement of the model.

For the train I used the train cli function correctly, but I have difficulty in setting the pretrain parameters, first of all can my problem be solved with this function?

Could I know more fully what the fields to be entered refer to? (ex: the correct path of the resume-path)

The configuration file, from the documentation, is the same as the train, but it reports errors to me

Thank you so much

Hi @Martina!

Thanks for your question. Can you post your question to spaCy discussion forum? This site is more for Prodigy-related questions.

There is a helpful FAQ / Troubleshooting Guide for posting on the spaCy forum. It includes some past links on using spaCy in Colab that may be helpful. You can also search past discussions questions on pretrain too that you may find helpful.

Hope this helps!

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