Running Prodigy from Ubuntu Docker Container


I currently have a front end and server running in Flask that is using Prodigy to create annotations and build nlp models. I am running into trouble when I attempt to load Prodigy using prodigy.serve() on the Flask (python) server. The Flask and front ends are running inside of Docker containers. When I run lsof on my Flask docker container, I see that prodigy is running on the correct port but is forwarding to localhost:x11. Is there any way that I can just host the prodigy server from my flask back end and connect through my client browser?

I don’t regularly use Docker, but I think from the perspective of the container, Prodigy probably needs to be advertising on It depends on whether you have a reverse proxy within the container as well.

You can change the host Prodigy advertises to with the PRODIGY_HOST environment variable, e.g. export PRODIGY_HOST=""

Worked! I was exposing the ports incorrectly.