Running multiple prodigy instances


I have the following problem. I have two annotators and I want to start multiple prodigy instances because I want them to work on different datasets. I have searched the documentation and also this forum, but couldn't find anything regrading this. Is it possible to do such a thing?

yes, its possible:

good luck!

Sure, the solution is probably much simpler than you think: When you start Prodigy, it just spins up a web server on the given host and port – so if you want to start multiple instances, you can start them on different ports, by setting the PRODIGY_PORT env variable. That's the simplest approach.

You can make it more sophisticated and use a reverse proxy to assign different subdomains, or even have a service that starts and stops instances automatically. The solution @ronaldoviber linked is an example of this – but none of that is required.