Restarting Prodigy with a new session

I was creating annotations manually for my dataset which is in jsonl format.
I have a question here. Lets say I close my session and start again in a few hours. Does Prodigy make sure (in the new session) that it selects records which have not been annotated already? Thanks.

Hi! Prodigy will skip incoming examples that are already saved in the current dataset – so if you're starting a new session with the same dataset name, you should only see examples that haven't been annotated yet.

Under the hood, Prodigy uses hashes to determine whether an incoming example is the same question, or a different question about the same data and will filter accordingly, depending on the recipe. You can read more about the mechanism here:

Thanks Ines!

I used following command to create annotation:
prodigy ner.teach news_de_v1.0 de_core_news_lg ./news_de.json

When the next day, I restarted the same work, the same questions appeared.
What did I wrong ?

Thanks, Diego