Restart server error in Named multi-user sessions

Hi! I want to use "named multi-user sessions" for multi annotators and set the "feed_overlap" to true. For the dataset [1,2,3,...], suppose the annotator A has finished [1,2,3] while the annotator B has finished [1,2]. But if I restart the server, the stream will continue from the data [4] for all annotators, while the annotator B didn't annotate data [3]. How can I solve this problem?

Hi! I was just able to reproduce this. Thanks for identifying this issue. We'll work on getting a fix in for this ready for the next release. Can you confirm what version of Prodigy you're using?

Thank you. The version is 1.11.2.

Hi this should be fixed in 1.11.3. Let me know if you see any issues and thanks again for the report!