Rel receipe is getting killed after a min or so.

So i have this rel manual receipe to manually annotate spans and relations and my dataset size is just 10mb, so i dont know its getting killed with this error of IOSTREAM.flush time out.

hi @monWork!

This seems like a memory issue with iPython (Jupyter): Memory Error: IOStream.Flush timed out · Issue #334 · ipython/ipykernel · GitHub

Are you able to run the same command but from a terminal (not a Jupyter notebook)?

As you may have found too, I found this StackOverflow post for a similar issue. The proposed solution was running:

%reset -f

Hi @ryanwesslen
I tried working it through the terminal as well and still the same, the process gets killed after a while. However, one thing i wanted to notify you is that the annotation examples are whole documents with good length. Could that be the reason for it ?

I do see this warning ⚠ Long example with 588 tokens detected. This can potentially lead to slower rendering and annotation in the web app. Consider splitting your texts into smaller chunks or sentences.

hi @monWork !

Very likely. This is a well known issue.

Try disabling tokens (--disable-patterns) for terms you don't need for labeling (this will speed up some). Or alternatively, could you break up your documents into sentences? Let me know if you need help