registry is deprecated in prodigy 1.14.3

Hello team,

I recently upgraded my prodigy license.

When i try to run this comand

'python -m prodigy ner.manual trial_modeldb blank:en tweets.jsonl --label food,people,animal'

I get the error message:

`⚠ Using a legacy loader 'None' from the prodigy.registry.loaders

registry is deprecated and will be removed in a future Prodigy version.
The progress bar will not work correctly with this loader.`
No loader found for ''

Im running on windows with the versions below:
python 3.10.12
prodigy: 1.14.3
jupyterlab 4.0.6

How can I deal with this error? I could not find anything in the prodigy documentation about this. Also please share links to prodigy videos or tutorials that can get me started with some of the lastest features on prodigy.

I found a work around.

My issue was conflicting dependences. I am now working in a new virtual env with:

prodigy: 1.14.3
jupyterlab : 3.6.6
jupyterlab-prodigy: 4.0.0
spaCy: 3.6.1
python: 3.11.5

Thank you all

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Thank you @Zim1-finest!