Question about terms.patterns

I have just started labeling a few phrases and added to the the dataset citation_test_1, I can see "Saved 4 annotations to database SQLite" after I hit ^c. But when I follow the tutorial to create the pattern file, the file is empty. I could figure out why.
Thank you for your help!

prodigy citation_test_1 --label PRI SEC --spacy-model blank:en > ./cite_pattern_test.jsonl

Just for clarification, you mention "the tutorial", but which one is that? We have a bunch of tutorials at this point :sweat_smile:.

Could you share how to started annotating the examples, maybe by passing the seed terms? I might be able to reproduce locally in that case. Also, could you share your Prodigy/Python version?

Thank you for getting back to me quickly. I just figured I forgot python -m in my command. I am learning NER recipe, and using AWS EC2 windows instance, using PowerShell to change my setting. The line below works.

python -m prodigy citation_test_1 --label PRI SEC --spacy-model blank:en > ./cite_pattern_test.jsonl
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Happy to hear it. :smile:

And yeah, python -m really can make a huge difference.