Putting it all together from "Using a custom model" does not work

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I've tried to save as custom_dep.py

import prodigy
from prodigy.components.loaders import JSONL
from prodigy.components.preprocess import add_tokens
import spacy

def custom_dep_recipe(dataset, source):
    stream = JSONL(source)                          # load the data
    stream = add_relations_to_stream(stream)        # add custom relations
    stream = add_tokens(spacy.blank("en"), stream)  # add "tokens" to stream

    return {
        "dataset": dataset,      # dataset to save annotations to
        "stream": stream,        # the incoming stream of examples
        "view_id": "relations",  # annotation interface to use
        "labels": ["ROOT", "nsubj", "amod", "dobj"]  # labels to annotate

and smoke test run like this

prodigy custom-dep tmp ./foo.jsonl -F custom_dep.py

but prodigy does not accept that

$ prodigy custom-dep tmp ./foo.jsonl -F custom_dep.py 
✘ Invalid components returned by recipe 'custom-dep'

labels   extra fields not permitted

{'dataset': 'tmp', 'stream': <generator object at 0x129d009a0>, 'view_id': 'relations', 'labels': ['ROOT', 'nsubj', 'amod', 'dobj']}

Looks like doc bug here's solution labels extra fields not permitted

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