Prodigy won't connect to remote MySQL server

I am running Prodigy from my local machine in an anaconda environment. I have a MySQL server running on a remote VM, and I’m having a lot of trouble connecting from prodigy to MySQL server. I have already tested connecting from prodigy to a local instance of MySQL using ‘localhost’, but when I try to replace the host to my VM within prodigy.json file, I get a connection timeout. I’m thinking there are specific configurations I have to setup within MySQL to allow a remote connection. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi! And yes, I doubt that this is an issue with Prodigy – it's probably something related to your MySQL driver? Under the hood, Prodigy uses peewee to manage the database stuff and peewee needs MySQLdb or PyMySQL connection parameters.

If you search for that error, there are various threads on Stack Overflow that describe similar situations. Maybe this helps?