Prodigy UI Read Only Mode

Does Prodigy UI has read-only feature where the reviewer just looks on the annotation one by one without accepting or rejecting?

Hi! You should be able to achieve something like this with the regular recipes and asking the reviewer to just press accept or skip for all examples. You can also change the buttons that are displayed in the UI to only show the skip button for instance:

If your data was collected with a manual UI (e.g. ner_manual), you could render the annotations with the static version (e.g. ner) instead to make them non-editable. The mark recipe is a good solution to just stream in existing data, including data from a given dataset:

prodigy mark tmp_dataset dataset:your_annotations --view-id ner

In this case, the reviewed examples are saved to a temporary dataset that you can delete later, but if you don't want that, you can also use a customised version of the recipe that sets "dataset": False. In that case, nothing will be saved to the DB. Here's an editable version of the recipe:

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