Prodigy nightly: "Invalid config override 'posts_df_random_train': name should start with --"


I have installed the latest version of Prodigy nightly (and Spacy V3) and try to execute this recipe command:

prodigy train ner posts_df_random_train en_core_web_md --eval-id posts_df_random_test --output ./crowdscout_model_random

The result is this error:

"Invalid config override 'posts_df_random_train': name should start with --"

The above recipe command works with the productive version of Prodigy and Spacy v2.


Hi! The signature of the prodigy train command has changed in the nightly to support training multiple components at the same time, and seamless integration with spaCy v3's config system. Check out this post for an overview: ✨ Prodigy nightly: spaCy v3 support, UI for overlapping spans, improved feeds & more

To see the signature and documentation, you can run:

prodigy train --help

The output directory is now specified as the first positional argument and component-specific datasets via arguments like --ner, --textcat etc. All other CLI arguments that are not defined via Prodigy are passed forward as config overrides to spaCy.

Thank you for the quick answer! Got it working. Best, Oliver

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