prodigy mark: images from JSONL not showing

I'm trying to using mark to classification my image. This is my command:
prodigy mark image /XXX/XX/XXX.jsonl --label COVER --view-id classification
However, the image could not be displayed. And jsonl file is like this:
{"image":" /XXX/18441-7-64007_1.jpeg","label": "cover"}.
The example is a web link to the page whereas I put the dir to the image. I wonder if that's causing the problem. Thanks.

Hi! That's expected, due to how modern browsers handle images from local paths. You can read more about this here for instance:

If you don't want to store the image data with the tasks, the easiest way to load images is by providing URLs. Modern browsers typically block images from local paths for security reasons. So you can either host the images with a local web server (e.g. Prodigy's image-server loader or in an S3 bucket (or similar).

So instead of the local paths, use URLs or use --loader images or --loader image-server to load from a directory of images (instead of your JSONL file).