prodigy-hf installation

Hi, I'm trying to install prodigy-hf, but am running in to some issues. I am using the latest stable version of prodigy (1.12.7).

I have tried installing prodigy 3 times in a new conda environment, for Python 3.8, 3.10, 3.12. Each time it works fine. However, when I try and install prodigy-hf the installation breaks.

It seems there is a compatibility issue with the typing-extensions library. Running the install I get, prodigy 1.12.7 requires typing-extensions<4.6.0, if I uninstall and reinstall an earlier version I get torch 2.2.0 requires typing-extensions>=4.8.0

After attempting installation all commands (except help) are broken. They return ImportError: cannot import name 'Arg' from 'prodigy.core'

If you can offer any advice that would be much appreciated.

hi @aureliusnoble,

Thanks for your question.

Prodigy plugins work with the latest version of Prodigy. 1.12.7 isn't the most recent stable version; we've had multiple updates, namely v1.14 where we switched our CLI to radicli.

This previous post mentions more about it.

Hope this helps!