Prodigy DB - dataset table

Dear Prodigy team,

1.) We connected Prodigy to a MySQL DB and are in the process of running BI analytics.

We wish to relate all of the examples of a specific annotator to his/her dataset in the dataset table. However, we're not sure what the different names in the name column represent. We expected to see only the original dataset names that we gave to each of the annotators (e.g., pr_mails_2_round_8 = annotator 2 for the 8th round of annotations). Yet, there are additional names with dates. In the documentation, this is supposed to be meta info but we're not sure what it represents (see snippet).

2.) According to the documentation, if the same example was present in multiple datasets, it should only appear once in the example table. However, since the example table contains a content column with the blob of the entire annotation result (all the annotations themselves), the example itself should appear multiple times as we see in our DB (see snippet).

We expanded the content column blob in the example table to 3 separate tables (see snippets below).

Many many thanks!!