Prodigy behind reverse proxy

I followed the steps here Using Prodigy with a ProxyPass and managed to get prodigy working behind an Nginx reverse proxy - prodvided that I proxy /get_questions etc. to the root /get_questions. However, I have several prodigy instances running behind the same reverse proxy, so I really do need to proxy requests to specific instances, i.e. /get_questions from instance_one needs to go to /instance_one/get_questions. That way each instance of prodigy will be interacting with its own API. Is it possible to configure the prodigy root to be /instance_one and not /? I looked into the documentation for the hug and fastapi middleware but found no good way to easily configure them.

For example, consider my domain name and a prodigy instance hosted at Then a request from instance_one to /get_questions will go to and not

Unfortunately we don't support path-based routing. :cry: I wanted this too for our own deployments and really tried to get it to work, but as far as I can see there's no good way to do it that doesn't require recompiling the front-end once the desired subpath is known.

The solution is to use subdomain routing instead. So instead of /instance_one/get_questions you'll have See further discussion here: Feature request: URL prefixing

Thanks for the quick reply! Subdomain routing would work fine - but how do I tell prodigy that it is running on a subdomain, so requests are sent to

This should all happen automatically and Prodigy won't even have to know any of this. It runs at the root level, so whether you map it to or makes no difference (it's only that wouldn't work, because the requests would then still go to