Prodigy annotation - Starting the web server at http://localhost:8080

For security purpose, how can I change http://localhost:8080 to https:?

Hi! See here for the recommended approach:

If you're using Prodigy in Jupyterlab, see this thread:

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I need enable SSL. what i need do?
How to generate CSR for our CA certificate request?
What is the key file? Do I need generate key file separately? then input to prodigy or uvicorn?

How to modify "" in file to make https work?

I'm not sure I understand the question? You can just edit the file in your Prodigy installation and it should work. See the threads I linked above and the uvicorn docs for details on how to set up SSL – this is something you'll have to set up independently of Prodigy.

Do you mean:

  1. Create a ssl_keyfile and ssl_certfile using "Let's Encrypt" [Can I use Nignx to do it?]

  2. In file, add two more lines: ssl_keyfile, ssl_certfile like below?

uvicorn doesn't seem to accept our log levels via getLogger, so we also

# pass it in explicitly here
    ssl_keyfile="path to keyfile",
    ssl_certfile = "path to cert file",

Yes, exactly. You probably want to try it with a simple dummy application first and make sure the certificate works. Once you have it working with a standalone dummy app and uvicorn, you can port it over to Prodigy.