Accessing prodigy from outside

Hi,I m a beginner to Prodigy setup and I am trying to setup for comparing two images and labelling them. The basic setup is accessible via localhost port 8080 when from outside the host server on which this was setup it is inaccessible. I would like to know how I can configure the setup so that outside labellers can access the database for labelling. Your help is highly appreciated.

Hi! By default, Prodigy will start up on your local host, so that’s only going to be available on your local machine. If you want others to be able to access it, you can run it on a server – how you do this depends on your requirements, how sensitive the data is (e.g. whether you can send it over the internet or whether it needs to stay within your company network) and so on.

If you’re just starting out, the easiest way to do this would be to use ngrok:

It makes whatever you serve locally available over a public URL, so you can keep running Prodigy on your own machine. The basic service is free (!) and if you create an account, you can even set up user authentication with a username/password.