Override "feed_overlap" from recipe


I'm defining "feed_overlap":True in my config dictionary inside a recipe.py file and get this message when running prodigy:

"Config setting 'feed_overlap' defined in recipe is overwritten by a

different value set in the global or local prodigy.json. This may lead to

unexpected results and potentially changes to the core behavior of the recipe.

If that's surprising, you should probably remove the setting 'feed_overlap' from

your prodigy.json."

My question is how can I override the definition in (global) prodigy.json from recipe file, if at all possible?
If not, what's the best practice for defining "feed_overlap" if I have 2 annotation schemes running on the same machine, one requiring it to be True, one False?


Just to check, do you have a prodigy.json file in the root of your directory? One that also defines the feed_overlap besides just the config in your recipe?

Theorically, it could also be that you have some environment variables that could be interfering. Do you happen to have a PRODIGY_CONFIG or a PRODIGY_CONFIG_OVERRIDES set anywhere?

Yes and yes, the prodigy.json in the root directory has "feed_overlap": False.

Thanks for pointing out he env variables link. Should running:
export PRODIGY_CONFIG_OVERRIDES='{"feed_overlap": True}'
override the definition in prodigy.json?

The PRODIGY_CONFIG_OVERRIDES should indeed override previous configuration values. Does this not work on your machine?