Overlapping relations


Are there any recent updates in the package allow for overlapping relations, please?

e.g. "The business sold to the customer"
Ents: business [AGENT] sold [ACT] customer [AGENT]
Relation: business ---------[AGENT_to_AGENT]---------------customer
Relation: business --[SENDER_&ACT]-- sold
Relation: sold --[ACT

Thank you!
Warm wishes

I assume from reading previous posts that overlapping Entities are not currently supported? Is it different to overlapping Relations?

Hi! The relations UI definitely lets you add overlapping relations and attach one token to multiple different other tokens or even to itself. You can try it out here: https://prodi.gy/demo?view_id=rel_bio

Prodigy v1.11 also supports annotating overlapping spans: https://prodi.gy/docs/span-categorization

However, there's currently no support for overlapping spans and relations, as this gets really complex and there's often a better and more efficient way to frame the task if you end up with this level of complexity. You can read more about this here: Using rel.manual with nested entities. - #2 by ines