OSError: [E053] Could not read meta.json from ner\model

I trained and saved my model as

!python -m spacy train C:\Users\b1075161\Documents\Prodigy\models\config.cfg --paths.train C:\Users\b1075161\Documents\Prodigy\models\train.spacy --paths.dev C:\Users\b1075161\Documents\Prodigy\models\dev.spacy --output ./model1

in jupyter notebook, i import spacy and load the saved model as:

nlp = spacy.load('./model-best/ner/model')

I get the error: OSError: [E053] Could not read meta.json from model-best\ner\model

my working directory is /.model1

Hey @Zim1-finest :slight_smile:

You should load the top-level model directory (i.e., model-best), not the binary file (/ner/model) inside it.

Oh great, thank you so much,

this worked.